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For jewelry making services, the preferred shipping methods at RaceCar Jewelry Company, Inc. in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, are United States Postal Service™ (USPS) and United Parcel Service™ (UPS). All packages we ship are fully insured.

Postal Insurance

For every original model shipment that is returned, we add a $200 minimum insurance. Customers must inform us in advance if they wish to obtain additional insurance for products being shipped. We recommend mentioning the value of your models in your letter to us.

USPS Shipping

Packages shipped to Canada are done through USPS to ensure more cost-efficient delivery, while also adding postal insurance and tracking benefits in the process. The USPS online system does not offer insurance for packages worth more than $500. Items brought to the post office can be insured for up to $5,000.

Mailing Your Models

When mailing new models, we recommend giving your design a name to facilitate easy tracking. Doing so helps our team quickly refer to your order during proofing, conversations, and in invoices. Accomplish the succeeding steps before sending your models to us:

• Scan Your Models • Assign Model Numbers (Start with “1”) • Keep a Copy of these Records

Payment Modes

The preferred mode of payment is through credit card. We usually call for your credit card number and address once the first order is ready to ship. Your information will then be saved in our system for future transactions.


Price quotes depend on design inclinations and how correctly designs are executed. We recommend sending over accurate designs or models so that we can provide a good approximation of the price. All quotes are based on prevailing daily market prices of silver and gold. Customers are furnished with updated prices, allowing them to calculate costs correctly. We do not levy minimum quantity requirements on customer's orders.

Contact us in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, to inquire about our designer jewelry making services.