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Elegant Jewelry Design and Creative Model Making Services

At RaceCar Jewelry Company, Inc. in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, jewelry design creativity is a definitive aesthetic. We turn your ideas into reality through our in-house model making service. Models are made by hand or with programs such as CNC (computer numerical control), CAD(computer-aided design), or CAM (computer-aided manufacturing).The Newest of the Processes is Rapid Prototyping. We have a total of 4 different rapid prototyping machines... Send us your  3dm or .stl  files and we can quote the production costs

Mold Making

The extensive experience we have in this aspect enables us to create molds for even the most complex pieces. We make molds in a wide assortment of sizes and molding compounds. You or your service bureau of choice can supply the model for us, or we can make the model for you.

Finishing and Services

To obtain an incomparable metal luster and sheen on your jewelry, our finishing services offer various options. Choose from the following applicable methods:

If Something is not offered/shown, It does not mean that we don't do it....Just ask....
Sprue removal only•
Magnetic pin Polish Cleaning
• Vibratory Finishing 
• Sand Blasting/Bead blast
• Satin Finishing .
   Stone setting.  
• Jewelry Antiquing . Enamel color filling.
• Hand Polishing. Laser welding, soldering
  Plating in Rhodium , Gold, Rose gold, "Hematite Black" and a New clear coating that deters Items from oxidizing

Quantities of 25 identical parts needed for some services such as plating and enameling.

Model Casting

Model casting services are available to aid the process of designing jewelry. Machined, hand carved waxes, rapid prototypes produced by us for you or you can supply models at any stage. Precious metal clay (PMC), or art clay (Cured ) work well for models if that is what you use.
Models must be clean of Antique, oil and dirt if supplied. 

Metals for Casting:

950 Platinum/Ruthenium (From a Rubber Mold Only)
Gold (22K and 24K)
Yellow, White, Green, Rose Gold (14K and 18K) 
De-ox Sterling Silver (We formulate our Silver at 935 as we export to Europe and it will pass any assay. Your models should have a 925 stamp in the model. This has some germanium for good quality.)
Argentium (also available at a higher rate than our standard silver.)
Yellow Bronze (Best metal for castings and models as it is easy to repair with laser welding.)
White Bronze
• Brass
Alpha Metal: Similar to Stainless steel - This is a special alloy. Extremely hard, polishes and looks like chrome. Does not tarnish. A great replacement for sterling at a lower metal cost. We do all finishing on this metal as it is very tough.
Yellow Spring Gold (14K and 18K)
Yellow and White Gold (10K)
Pewter (Tin) Lead free
Sterlium (Top quality sterling with a very high amount of Germanium . cost more than our standard deox.)
Pure Silver (for enamellists)
Pink Silver (looks like rose gold and it will oxidize over time approx. 17% Silver content. Can be used on Charms, Pendants and dangle earrings. Not for rings as your fingers will turn color due to the high amount of copper.)
(Please note: White Bronze only looks like sterling when it has been hand polished. No automatic finish will work well for white bronze. All bronze,brass, white bronze and pink silver will tarnish)

Pewter Casting:
We also cast pewter (tin), but this is a completely different process than lost wax and is mostly suited to large volume.
Pewter is cast directly into special round rubber molds.
The original models for pewter need to be thicker than a model for bronze or silver as the pewter castings are much softer.
Jump rings or attachment rings in pewter need to be quite thick or they will easily wear out or break off.
Minimum thickness for the original pewter model needs to be no less than 2 Millimeters thick.
Sometimes the model may need to be thicker for items such as belt buckles and bigger pieces. Production pewter prices can be almost ½ the cost of bronze castings , but the quantity needs to be there and the individual tooling/ production cost is about $250 to get started.

Contact us in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, to ask about the comprehensive jewelry design and model making services we offer.